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Top 2020 Winter Skin Care Tips

Top 2020 Winter Skin Care Tips

During the months of winter, skin can dry out, leaving you irritated and uncomfortable. Loading up on lip balm and moisturizers doesn’t always work and can leave you feeling even less hydrated than before. This is why we have rounded up our favorite tips to keep your skin happy all winter long.

1. Keep moisture in the air

Skin is the barrier that keeps water inside your body. When the air is dry around you, it causes water to evaporate quicker and easier. To avoid this, try purchasing a humidifier and drinking an extra glass or two of water a day. Humidifiers are a great way to add moisture back into your home, especially if you like to blast the heat.

2. Avoid long, hot showers

There is nothing we love more than hopping into a steaming, long shower when it is cold and frigid out. However, during the winter you want to keep your shower quick and cool. Hot water dries out the skin, causing cracks in which the nerve cells are exposed causing irritation or “winters itch”. Try to keep the water as lukewarm as possible and don’t stay in there too long.

3. Use gentle products

Most of us know during these cold months we need to moisturize- but finding the right products is key! You do not want to use anything that will strip your skin of its natural moisture barrier. Clean, organic skin care is very important during the winter season in order to not upset your skins functions. Check out our skin care line, Farmhouse Fresh, for some of the best winter skin care.

4. Choose a hydrating facial

The best way to treat your skin every season is at the spa! If your face is revolting and your skin is feeling dry, ask for a hydrating, soothing facial. Weather it’s a soothing mask or exfoliating facial, your esthetician will determine what is best for your skin type so you leave feeling refreshed.

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Blog by Payton Sproat; Skin Care Specialist

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