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7 Best Wedding Day Tips

7 Best Wedding Day Tips

Wedding Day Timeline

Having a set wedding day timeline is crucial to how the day will go, and it starts with getting ready. Typically, the mornings will begin at 7am. Our timeline commonly is 5-6 hours of hair and makeup with a team of two. Each service takes roughly 45 minutes. The mornings go by so fast, so although to some, this sounds early, the photos start before you know it, and then it’s wedding time!

Beauty Stations

Tables, chairs, outlets, and plenty of natural light will be critical to allow the proper space for our bridal team. Your bridal experts will appreciate this dedicated area to work efficiently and provide a comfortable room for the whole party to get ready. These areas will be busy and should be away from the children and food.

Pre-order Food

Eating and drinking healthy snacks will keep your party sober and more energetic. Plan to have fresh fruit, granola, yogurt, veggie trays, sandwich wraps, and plenty of water. Of course, having your OJ and Champagne is a must, but try to keep your party at a good pace, so everyone feels good and doesn’t get too tired.

Bridesmaids Gifts

Your party has been there for you throughout your engagement. Be sure to thank them with a personalized card along with the fun day of goods like a customized bag, water bottle, robe, and jewelry. Your #bridetribe will be so grateful for your thoughtful gift, and it makes for some fun pictures too.

Hang up dress and veil

Open up the garment bag and hang it in a safe area where no one will be touching or accidentally spill on the main event. Bring a steamer to loosen up any unwanted wrinkles that may have occurred in the move.

Bridal Emergency Kit

Every maid of honor should pack a bag of essentials for her bride. This bag should include Tylenol, tampons, scissors, bandaids, nail polish remover, mints, and tums. These essential items always seem to be needed for one party member. However, you never know what you will need, so bring it all and be prepared.


Today is a very special day, and emotions can get the best of us. We worked so hard planning this huge event, and the day is finally here. Be sure to stop and smell your bouquet, look around the room with gratitude, to stay present at the moment because this day goes by so fast. Wake up early and stretch. Get a quick light workout in or yoga to wake up your muscles and mind. Don’t sweat the small stuff and focus on how many people are gathered to celebrate you and your partner’s marriage.

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