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Over a Dozen ways to get your hairstyle to last!

Over a Dozen ways to get your hairstyle to last!

1. Part with your part.

Have you been parting your hair in the exact same spot since Ronald Reagan was in office? If so, it is time to force your follicles out of their comfort zone by relocating your part. The truth is that when you always part your hair in the same place, you are actually training it to lie flat and behave itself. By switching to the other side or even the middle, you will add instant volume and lift to your hair.

2. Turn your world upside down.

It’s time to hang that head upside down while blow-drying your locks. This naturally pulls your hair away from your scalp, adding volume. And with your head mere inches away from your floor, you may find some loose change or an earring you lost many moons ago.

3. Layer it.

An effective way to liven up your locks is to introduce layers as they decrease your hair’s weight and instantly add bounce and body. Be careful, though. Too many layers or ones that are too short can leave you looking like a time traveler from the 1980s. Furthermore, if you have thin hair and would like to add layers and thickness, you can opt for hair extensions and avoid the scissors altogether.

4. Master the finger curl.

There is a fun way to add volume to your hair while achieving a playful style — and it doesn’t require any tools or heat. It is called the “finger girl” and simply involves mastering the art of making waves and curls by using your fingers to lightly twist or curl sections of your hair. Once you have your curls just the way you want them, simply apply some hairspray to hold the style and voila! You have a head full of body and natural-looking waves. Another easy way to add volume to hair is to let it dry with braids in. This will give you natural waves with little effort.

5. Stop straightening

Pin-straight hair suits some people, but not everyone. In fact, flat and lifeless hair can add years to your face by highlighting laugh lines and crow’s feet. Instead of undertaking the laborious task of straightening your hair every day, you may want to embrace your natural wave or curl, adding beautiful bounce to your tresses.

6. Borrow your grandmother’s rollers.

It turns out that the little old ladies of yesteryear had the right idea. Rollers work! Whether you opt for modern hot rollers or the old-school put-them-in-before-bed variety, they are a great way to achieve soft, beautiful waves, while adding volume to your hair.

7. Change your hue.

Did you know that hair dye actually alters the texture of your hair, roughing it up just enough to give your hair extra body? Yes, a trip to your favorite colorist can not only give you a glorious new shade, but it can also increase your hair volume.

8. Bye-bye daily wash.

Shampooing every day is actually bad for your hair — no matter what your shampoo bottle tells you. It leaves your hair stripped of natural oils and is particularly damaging to long hair. Instead, try to embrace your second and third days between shampoos, and you will enjoy flouncy follicles that boast more body.

9. Know your bristles

The wrong hairbrush can unleash unspeakable damage upon your follicles, while the right one can protect your mane while stimulating growth. The most hair-friendly brushes have natural boar or flexible nylon bristles as your blow dryer will not cause them to overheat, and they won’t catch on your hair. A brush with a cushioned base is also recommended.

10. Get reacquainted with mousse.

The giant hairdos of the 1980s have given mousse a bad rap. The fact is mousse works! Where would the Hair Metal Bands of yesterday be without the staying power of mousse to keep their hair in place during a head-banging riff? Even in the twenty-first century, mousse can give your hair, especially the roots, plumpness, and fuller body.

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11. Try Dry Shampoo

It has been said that dry shampoo, not diamonds, are a girl’s best friend. Especially if that girl has fine, limp locks. Dry shampoo, by its very design, adds volume to hair. And it can also stop volume-sucking oils from building up. If you are waiting for your hair to get greasy before applying dry shampoo, however, you are doing it all wrong. By using dry shampoo on Day 1 of the wash cycle, you will prevent oils from developing and robbing your head of much need volume.

12. Give CBD oil a try

Healthy hair equals happy hair. And happy hair, naturally, is full of bounce and body. An excellent product for nourishing your strands is CBD oil. Rich in both amino acids and antioxidants, CBD oil strengthens and hydrates follicles while protecting them from free radicals, keeping your mane in tip-top shape.

Davines Hair Salon Naperville IL
13. Sea salt spray away

If you live miles from the ocean, but long to acquire wavy beach hair, don’t lose hope. You, too, can achieve surfer waves by applying some salt spray to wet locks and scrunching them with your hands as they dry. It can even be sprayed into dry locks and scrunched for a mid-day refresh.

Written by Payton Sproat (our multi-talented esthetician)

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