Can Hair Extensions Cause Damage?

Can Hair Extensions Cause Damage?

We take Hair Extensions seriously! Now, some of you know what hair extensions can do for you. Add length, add body, correct haircuts, and length and volume, and add color. But we want to share that hair extensions can potentially cause damage and hair loss. HEAR US OUT!

There are a few ways damage happens:

  1. Incorrect application
  2. Lack of home care
  3. Wrong method for hair density
  4. Improper follow-up

Incorrect application

We have seen this through our salon more than we would like. Bad hair extension applications can cause traction alopecia, uncomfortable, pain, or head sores. Research your artist, salon, and methods before letting anyone put extensions in your hair. Oh, and yes, this may come with a price but would you rather have a safe, healthy application or a bargain?

Lack of homecare

Brushing twice daily, professional hair products, and heat protectants will keep your hair and investment safe. Oh, and be careful of pulling or tugging on extensions, as that can cause premature slippage or, worse, breakage. So tell your partner to take it easy #WeWentThere

The wrong method

There are several methods and styles of applications. You can mix and match styles to match the density and desired results. However, extensions are not a one size fits all. Just because your friend gets one method doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you. Ask your extension expert (aka Refined Beauty) what the right solution for your hair is and what your goal is with hair extensions.

Improper follow-up

If you wear your extensions and “forget” to come back in or prolong your next visit. As the wings grow with your hair, your natural hair cannot support the weight. In addition, it becomes more difficult to style as the attachments are no longer close to the scalp and hidden.

Bottom line: choose a salon that is educated in several methods and brands to provide you with the most suitable and safe option.

For more information or if you are interested in what hair extensions can do, book a consultation with us!

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