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How to choose the right hair mask based on your hair concerns

How to choose the right hair mask based on your hair concerns

To get the best results from your hair mask, it’s important to use the right one for your specific needs. Whether you color your hair, have damage, or just have dry or fragile strands, these are the best hair masks to repair and nourish your hair from roots to ends.

Color-treated hair

Hair that’s been color-treated needs deep conditioning to keep it looking vibrant for as long as possible. Use a hair mask for colored hair so that your color fades as little and as gently as possible. For hair that’s been chemically treated, using a hair mask for dry hair will also be effective.

Dry, frizzy, and curly hair

If you’re a dry, frizzy, or curly-haired girl, your locks require intense hydration. A hair mask for damaged hair works wonders on thirsty strands. Add one to your hair care routine immediately.

Oily hair

If your hair tends to get greasy quickly, a natural hair mask will be the best option to nourish your hair, without causing greasy strands. But, if it’s just your roots that tend to get oily, you can use any hair mask as long as you don’t apply it to your roots. Look for a mask designed to be used specifically on mid-shaft to ends.

Fine hair

Because of the deep conditioning, hair masks can leave your hair heavy, weighing already flat strands down. But if your fine hair is dry or frizzy, you might need a hydrating treatment. Use a multi-tasking hair mask to boost overall shine and manageability.

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