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31 May

How to prepare your hair and skin for your wedding

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Let's be real there are so many essential things on our to-do list when it comes to wedding planning, but let's not forget to put your beauty on it too.  Check out this must-do list to ensure you are bridal beauty ready!

Book out your appointments in advance

We recommend that you schedule out backward, starting at your wedding date till the current date.

Beauty Services to book

  • Color (every 5-10 weeks- 1-2 weeks before your wedding)

  • Cut (every 6-8 weeks- 2-3weeks before your wedding)

  • Extensions (every 5 weeks- One week before your wedding)

  • Bridal Trial (book 2 months before your wedding)

  • Facials (Once a month- One week before your wedding)

  • Body Waxing (every 4 weeks- One week before the wedding)

  • Facial Waxing (every 3-4 weeks- One week before the wedding)

  • Lash Lift/Lash tint (every 4-6 weeks- 1-2 weeks before your wedding)

  • Brow wax/ Brow Tint (every 3-6 weeks- 7-10 days before your wedding)

  • Spray Tans (1-3 weeks- Book 1-2 days before the wedding)

Monthly facials

Monthly facials will promote healthier skin. We work with you to target your skin concerns and goals with techniques, tools, and products only your professional skincare expert can provide.  Not to mention our focus on a relaxing massage to help wash all the wedding planning stress away.

Daily skin routine basics
  • A daily skin routine will help you maintain your bridal glow leading up to your wedding.  Between the stress, hormones, and extra fun celebrations, it is essential to step up your routine to keep your skin bright and healthy.
  • Cleanse AM. Double cleanse PM especially when wearing makeup.
  • Exfoliate 3x a week with our favorite One Fine Day by Farmhouse Fresh. It's gentle, hydrating, and helps brighten up your skin
  • Follow up exfoliator with a treatment serum based on your skin needs.  We love Eternal Light™
  • Daily SPF helps protect your skin from sun damage that causes skin discoloration.
  • Lightweight daily moisturizer

Weekly Hair Treatments

Hair treatments done at home should be performed weekly and left in 3-10 minutes. Select a treatment that is specific to your hair concerns.

After your color service, ask for a deep conditioning treatment to replenish nutrients back to your hair.

Blowout day before the wedding

  • If wearing hair in natural curl shampoo and lightly condition hair.  Apply curling styling cream like Davines Curl Building Serum, then diffuse 100% dry.  Hot Tip: move the head around while drying, so hair is natural and not too full or too flat in certain areas.
  • If wearing hair smooth (even if you are getting it curled), shampoo and condition with products specific to your hair needs.  The styling products we love to pair with a blowout is the Volume Mousse and blowdry primer.  Both lock out humidity and create style memory.
  • We recommend scheduling an appointment with us to ensure you have the best blowdry style for your rehearsal and that will work well for the Day of the wedding

On the Day of your wedding

  • Undereye patches or cooling mask
  • Avoid salty foods and too much alcohol the night before your wedding to prevent puffiness in your face.
  • If you must shampoo the morning of the wedding, make sure it is 100% dry using a mousse to create body and structure
  • Dry shampoo does wonder, but if the hair is too greasy, it shows in pictures
  • Clean skin and use a lightweight moisturizer

If you hired Refined Beauty (which we highly recommend), put on your bridal robe, grab a mimosa with your bridal party and relax, we got the rest!

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