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Lash Extension 101

Lash Extension 101

Summer is FINALLY here!

If you’re like us you’re ready to be outside, enjoy the pool, maybe go to the beach, and of course get that sun kissed glow! But…what about your lashes?

How should you take care of your lash extensions?


1. Heat

2. Picking (just let those beauties be)

3. Waterproof Make Up (Questions about the best makeup for your lashes? Ask your lash artist!)

5 Ways to Care for Your Lashes

1. Cleanse only with our specialty lash foam

2. Sleep on your back or side only

3. Avoid getting your lashes wet before 24 hours

4. Do not use a lash curler

5. Book your fills within the appropriate time frame (2-3 weeks)

Extensions fall off along with your natural lashes during your eyelash shed and growth cycle. You lose 1-4 natural lashes a day. That is, on average, 21 lashes a week. Refills are recommended every 2-3 weeks since you lose about 42-63 lashes by that time period. During the refill process, the technician will simply place new extensions on the natural lashes as the old ones fall off. The grown-out extensions will also be replaced with new ones. Refills are a great time to change up the style, length, or volume of your lash look as well. Factors that can influence how often you need a fill include: after care, eye makeup use, body chemistry, etc.

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