No More Scary Hair!

No More Scary Hair!

Lets face it…The month of October can be hard on your hair. The weather gets dry and cold, hat hair becomes a thing and you test your halloween hairstyle one too many times before all the parties you’ll be attending. Then, November 1st rolls around and you can’t figure out why you’re hair is so damaged (and probably so teased you can’t get a brush through it!) We want to help you keep your hair healthy, while also helping you choose the BEST products to put in your hair for this month & Halloween week. From frizzy dried-out hair, to getting out glitter, the products below will work wonders on any hair type; in moderation of course. Your hair should only look scary on one day this month, not every day!

1. A Potion for the Knots

Windy autumn day? Too much teasing after Halloween? Davines MOMO Hair Potion is for any hair in need of a lightweight hydration boost. Shower with MOMO shampoo and conditioner, apply the potion to towel-dry hair and *POOF* – just like magic, you’ll have your glossy hair back.

2. Grip that Glitter

Will you be a unicorn, mermaid or martian this Halloween? If so, we all know that glitter will be involved. So, make sure you get a product that will grip it in place without damaging your hair. EVO’s Gangsta Grip Bonding Resin is the perfect product giving you strong hold, but easy wash out.

3. 10/10

Got hat hair? Beat the frizz with It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in Product. This little bottle is definitely a bang-for-your-buck type of deal. Spray at night and wake up with gorgeous hair.

4. It’s Weather Proof

Keeping you hair in place for Halloween might be difficult for some hairsprays, but for Big Sexy Hair, it’s a walk in the park, no really…you can totally walk in the park, in the wind and rain and you’re hair will still come out amazing (ok, maybe a light drizzle.) Our two favorites are Big Sexy Hair’s Weather Proof and Stay Intense Hold Hairspray 

6. A Professional Wash

Sometimes even after you try to do everything at home, you still need professional help. That’s OK! Keeping your hair healthy means maintaining a deep condition and getting rid of those split ends. Consider getting a deep wash and trim at Refined Beauty Boutique to keep your locks luscious and looking beautiful!

Have any other products you’ve found to work wonders in the fall? We want to hear about it! Comment below on what you’ve used for your hair! #RefinedBeautyBoutique 

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