Revamp Your Skin This Fall

Revamp Your Skin This Fall

As we shift into a new season, we encourage switching up your beauty care products to cater to what your hair and skin need. Unfortunately, during our midwest weather change, we experience dullness in our hair, and our skin begins to feel dry. Refined Beauty will be by your side to help you with all your beauty needs to help you through the season change!

Face oil is the one product that makes the most impact. It would be this if we had to recommend just one product to revamp your skin. If your skin is dehydrated and flaky, fine lines and wrinkles appear FASTER. Imagine your skin like a grape. Either help it maintain its plumpness by hydrating or have it dry up like a raisin. The best way to hydrate is through oils. If your skin is oily, do not be afraid of added oil. Your glands are overproducing oil because they feel like they have to. Farmhouse Fresh oil can actually help regulate this problem. In time, balancing out your skin will stop overproduction. In addition, it can help clear your pores of excess sebum, reducing inflammation and irritation because of the ingredients in our oils.

Try out our Signature Facial, which consists of a skin analysis to decipher what products will give you the most impact. Then, we use An ozone steamer to help open up your pores and pair a customized organic facial product from Farmhouse Fresh to help calm, brighten, and soothe skin. Our signature facials include extractions, exfoliation, masks, serums, and relaxing face, chest, and arm massages for lymphatic drainage and cell turnover. Add any of our upgrades to your signature facial for the ultimate experience.

Facials are recommended every month as maintenance to achieve healthy, youthful skin. Beautiful skin will always be on trend so take care of the largest organ on your body and show yourself some #selfcare

This month purchase a Signature Facial Package (Four facials PLUS ONE FREE) for $440 and receive a $100 gift certificate to use on any service or beauty care products.

*Gift certificates must be redeemed within 2 months of purchase.

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