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Congratulations on your engagement! Looking for your Naperville, IL bridal beauty experts to help you get ready for your best day ever? Our specialty and passion is weddings, so we understand what it takes to get bridal beauty ready.

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How to book your Refined Beauty Bridal Team


Step 1. Check your date availability
Step 2.  Schedule your consultation with our coordinator
Step 3. Except your quote, sign contract, and make a $500 reservation fee
Step 4. Schedule your bridal Preview
Step 5. Finalize Service Count and remaining balance
Step 6. Approve your wedding Timeline

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We offer premium services using the best products and techniques geared towards brides and special occasions for lasting results. Our Naperville, IL bridal specialists are trained in airbrush makeup, traditional makeup, eyelash strips, and individual lashes applications. All makeup applications include airbrush and lashes. If you are looking for quality, professional, and reliable beauty experts, we are your team!

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Bridal Hair & Makeup


Includes Preview + touch up kit

Bridal Hair


Includes Preview + touch up kit

Bridal Makeup


Includes preview, airbrush foundation, temporary lashes, & a touch up kit
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Bridal Party


Bridal Party Hair


Bridal Party Makeup


Bridesmaid Skin Makeup Only


Bridesmaid Eye Makeup Only


Flower Girl


10 yrs. and younger - Hair + Light makeup consist of blush, shadow, and gloss
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Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum to book and what is included in the minimum fee?

The minimum to book is $1000 a day with Jennifer. The minimum to book is $700 wedding day with a bridal team artist. This total does not include travel, gratuity, or preview payments. If you do not meet the minimum in services, you can still book but will need to meet the minimum service fee. Wedding services performed at the salon require a minimum price of $500 for a bridal team artist. For each additional artist needed, there is a $440 minimum service requirement. Early weddings and large parties require an additional $100 per assistant.

I want to get ready at the salon. What is the minimum and requirements?

If requesting to get ready at the salon there is a minimum of $500. Your wedding retainer fee will go towards your services being requested. Please note, your minimum does not include your preview or gratuity. A 18% gratuity is added to your total services being requested. All services being requested will need to be finalized 120 days before your wedding and paid for in advance. Timelines must be finalized 60 days before the wedding. Wedding timelines starting before 7am will incur a $100 early morning fee per artist needed.

When do I need to give the final total of requested services?

We will need a final service count and the remaining balance due four months before your wedding or at the time of booking. We require this information to make sure we have the right talent available and create the wedding day’s timeline. If your wedding is past the four months then the full amount will need to be paid at time of booking wedding to insure we have the correct amount of team artists available.

What does the $500 retainer cover?

The retainer goes towards reserving your artist and wedding date. We will use the retainer fee for the requested services for your wedding day. All wedding day services are due 120 days before your wedding. The retainer is non-refundable. The retainer pays for your Bridal Coordinators towards our unlimited emails, phone calls, consultations, timeline, credit-card processing fees, and commitment to the services you are requesting. If requesting a new date due to COVID, we will transfer the reservation fee to your new date. Moving your wedding date is not a guarantee you will be with the same artist. Changing date may be subject to a price change in addition, it does not guarantee we will be available on new date.

How do you collect payment?

All payments are made electronically or at the salon in cash or credit card. No checks, please.

How do I book my wedding?

When you are ready to book your wedding with Refined Beauty, we will prepare a contract and invoice for you to make the $500 retainer to reserve your wedding date with your assigned artist. We will need the following: number of services requested, estimated location of where the services will be rendered, email, and number to send over quote, invoice, and contract.

How far out can I book my wedding?

We typically book out 6-12 months in advance for weddings. We are not booking past 18 months as our timeline for our team, and prices change annually. We can put a soft hold on a date. As soon as others inquire about the exact date or within the 18-month range, we can lock your wedding date with a deposit and signed contract. Once your date is reserved and your wedding booked with Refined Beauty, you will be locked into those current prices.

How do I set up an appointment?

You can set up an appointment online at your convenience at, or you can call 630-590-9500 to schedule an appointment.

What if I cancel my wedding? (Possible COVID situation)

If you cancel your wedding, you will receive any payment beyond your retainer (which is non-refundable). Any fees made for services that have not been received 90-days before your wedding will be refunded. Services received will not be refunded. If you are canceling after 90 days, there will be a credit of in-salon services to your account for the dollar amount over the $500. This credit will expire within six months of the date of cancellation.

What if I cancel my wedding due to COVID?

The retainer reservation of $500 is non-refundable. Any payments made beyond the retainer will be refunded when the wedding is canceled based on government regulations. We will refund any payment made beyond the $500, in in-salon service credit. This credit is effective immediately when the wedding is canceled and expires six months from the cancelation date.

How do you create the timeline for the wedding day?

The timeline is created three months before your wedding. We determine the timeline based on when the room is available for usage, pictures, first look, and ceremony. Once we know what will happen after you are ready, we can create your timeline. We typically wrap up the hair and makeup services an hour before the desired departure. It is best to provide a 45-60-minute cushion before departure to allow for last-minute details. Once hair and makeup services have been completed, our team will clean up their stations and depart the premises. A typical timeline is 5-6 hours and is created between the hours of 7am-1pm or 8am-2pm, depending on the number of requested services. Timelines must be finalized 60 days before the wedding. If early morning wedding or past a 2pm finish time please state during booking to ensure we can accommodate request.

What if the timeline that has needs to be adjusted?

If timeline needs to be adjusted (via ceremony, pictures, service requests, etc.). Please contact your bridal coordinator via email so we may make the best effort to make the appropriate adjustments and accommodations. Timelines must be finalized 60 days before the wedding.

What if there is a change in the schedule?

If there is a change in the schedule, please notify our Bridal Coordinator. It is not a guarantee that we will be able to make all accommodations to the changes.

How long do your technicians stay at the wedding party?

We follow the timeline that Refined Beauty creates for you. We generate this timeline according to your requests and the allotted time needed for each artist to perform their services. Once completed services, our team will clean up their stations and depart the premises. A typical timeline is around 5-6 hours. If a veil is worn, but you do not want to wear it right away, there may be a chance that we will not be placing the veil in your hair for you. However, we can teach one of your party members how to put the veil in and take it off.

What if my wedding is early in the morning?

We absolutely can accommodate early weddings. If we need to start earlier than 7 am, there is a $100 fee per artist required.

When do you do previews?

Previews are required for all bridal services and performed typically at the salon and are scheduled during the week as our weekends are usually occupied with other brides. We recommend getting your preview done 2-3 months prior to wedding if living in state. Previews are 1-1.5 hours long per service.

What if I want a second preview?

You are eligible to have as many previews as you would like; however, there are no redo’s or discounts on services performed. All previews must be pre-paid at the time of scheduling your service to reserve your allotted time.

What if I change my mind about my hair and makeup style?

We recommend purchasing your dress and having a clear vision before your preview. You have the option to have a complimentary consultation with our bridal experts to help you narrow in on a style that fits your wedding vision. All previews are to be paid upfront and in full. No redo’s and discounts are eligible. To avoid extra charges and change of mind to your hair and or makeup, schedule your preview 2-3 months before the wedding.

After my preview, I have a few details I would like to adjust. Who do I contact?

If there are any changes or adjustments you would like to make with your hair and or makeup, please reach out to your assigned artist to discuss new wishes.

Do you offer previews for mothers?

Yes, mothers are welcome to book previews. The previews may not necessarily be with the artist that will see that day, depending on the team assigned to the wedding.

I haven't received my veil or headpiece yet, and my preview is soon.

We recommend having your hair décor before your hair preview so that you can get the best expectation of the finished look for your wedding. If your pieces have not arrived, or you have not selected yet, please inform your assigned bridal artist and have imaged ready of your actual piece or a piece you are thinking of wearing on to your wedding. We will discuss style choice and placement.

Can I come in for a consultation for my hair and makeup? How much does that cost?

Consultations are complimentary. Appointments are 15-minutes and can be used to discuss your hair and makeup design to help guide you to finding the best fit for your wedding based on your venue, dress, season, trend, and personal style. If you want to see any specific looks on, we will schedule a preview. All questions regarding the logistics (payments, contract, timeline) of your wedding will go through our bridal coordinator.

How far do you travel?

Our service area includes Naperville and destinations up to 30 miles of the salon. If your destination is within our Naperville area there is no extra travel fee. Mileage, outside of Naperville standard mileage rates apply, and applies to the journey there and back per artist. Additional fee for travel may apply for parking, airfare, and hotel accommodations for destinations further than an hour away or out of state. Please contact us for a quote. Our additional fees are as follows:

  • 5 Miles from salon: $0
  • 6-10 miles from salon: $20 per artist
  • 11-15 Miles from salon: $35 per artist
  • 16-24 Miles from salon: $50 per artist
  • 25-45 Miles from salon: $100 per artist
  • 50+ Miles from salon: $200 per artist
  • Out of state weddings: all travel expenses will need to be paid (hotel cost, flight, transportation, etc.)
  • City Limits: $100 per person, in addition to valet coverage

Popular local wedding venues:

  • Cantigny: $20 per person
  • Company 251: $20 per person
  • Farmhouse: $20 Per person
  • Hotel Arista: Included
  • Hotel Indigo: Included
  • Heritage Prairie Farm: $100 per person
  • The Drake Oak Brook: $35 per person
  • Eaglewood Resort and Spa: $50 per person

What is the Minimum fee per artist for on-location weddings?

Larger wedding parties require additional bridal artists. For each artist needed, there is a $440 minimum service requirement. Early weddings and large parties require an additional $100 per assistant.

How many artists do you send to my site?

We typically send 1-3 artists on-site, and it is determined by how many services are requested, when we can start, and when we need to finish. Please keep in mind each additional artist has a minimum fee of $400. Each service takes roughly 45 minutes.

What if I need to change the location of where we are getting ready?

We will do our best to accommodate the location change. A location change may incur an additional charge per artist traveling to and from your destination. Changing location may also cause changes to the timeline designed for your wedding. Please be aware of what time we can use bridal suites as many venues have a specific time of availability in the morning.

What products do you use?

We use a wide variety of the best professional products and techniques geared towards brides and special occasions. The brands in our kit: Bobbi Brown, Tarte, Urban Decay, Hourglass, MAC, Nars, Kevyn Aucoin, Temptu, Laura Mercier, Makeup Forever, Marc Jacobs, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kat Von D, Stila, Kenra, Davines, Unite, Davines, Aquage, and Milkshake.

What if I want you to use my products?

We have a wide range of beauty products; however, if you have a specific color or beauty product you would like us to use, we are happy to accommodate your requests. We will not provide a guarantee or promise on durability, longevity, or picture and finish quality.

I do not want airbrush makeup.

We can do either airbrush or traditional makeup applications. The cost is the same.

I do not want lashes. Or my party members do not want lashes.

You can choose if you would like lashes or not. The cost of makeup is the same.

I am only looking for eye makeup for my wedding party.

Yes, we offer eye makeup only for the wedding party. Partial makeup may include primer, brows, shadow, liner, lashes, and mascara. The cost is $75

I am only looking for skin makeup for my wedding party.

Yes, we offer skin makeup only for the wedding party. Partial makeup may include skin prep, foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter, contour, powder, and finishing spray. The cost is $75

Who do I contact if I have a question?

All questions regarding your payments, timeline, and logistics will go thru our bridal coordinator. Any questions about your hair or makeup look will go through your assigned bridal artist.

What happens if one of my bridesmaids can't get her hair done after I gave you my final count?

120 days before your wedding, you must submit your final requests; you are committed to that payment. If you no longer need a specific service(s) for a party member(s), you can find another to fill in that time allotted for that service, or it will be a loss. We are committing our time and talent to you, along with contracting other service providers that charge a minimum for their services.

After Ceremony Touch Ups

For touch ups after the ceremony we will stay up to 3 hours after the first original timeline is complete. There is a fee of $100 per hour per artist needed.

Second Look

For a second look after the ceremony we will stay up to 3 hours after the first original timeline is complete. There is a fee of $100 per hour per artist needed for time in addition to the full price of the look requested. Service will proceed with complete provision of hair and/or makeup.

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