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At Refined Beauty creating a relaxing, educational, and fun experience through beauty services is our goal. We realize that every one of our clients is unique and has different hair care and styling needs. Because of this, each one of our stylists is highly trained and can provide you with a variety of different services. Whether you are sitting in our chair or as our Refined Beauty Artist, our mission is to help you find the best tools, techniques, and education to help you achieve the best results.


Please book a consultation before scheduling these service. All service prices shown represent our starting prices. Prices vary by stylist based on Experience / Demand of Time. Service prices also vary according to length and condition of hair and are subject to a proper consultation.

Refined Beauty Hair Extensions Naperville IL

Weft Hair Extensions

This extension method is ALL the craze right now! You may have seen them be called “hand-tied“ or “beaded hand-tied” or “Machine Tied Volume Weft” extensions on the gram. Not only are they quicker than other methods to install, but they are even quicker to service/maintain and are also entirely seamless. The wefts are installed by creating a beaded foundation and sewing in the weft extensions for voluminous full coverage. This method allows for easy removal and re-application of the client’s hair. Works with most hair types. can pull your hair up on top of your head!


This method requires no heat or chemicals to apply or reinstall and can also be combined with other methods. Touch -ups are done every 6-8 weeks, while the hair can last up to a year!

Refined Beauty Hair Extensions Naperville IL

K-Tip Hair Extensions

K-Tips, aka Keratin protein tips, are individual extensions applied to the natural hair using a hot fusion technique. They use a silicone additive to help protect strands from damage by creating a coating, while allowing for free movement and a naturally layered texture. K-Tips are the most durable extensions so you can easily color over top of them, sweat to your heart’s desire, and more! They last 3-5 months and require minimal maintenance.

Refined Beauty Hair Extensions Naperville IL
Refined Beauty Hair Extensions Naperville IL

I-Tip Extensions

I-Tips are individual extensions applied strand by strand for maximum versatility and movement. They are installed without using heat or glue; each I-Tip is threaded with a strand of the guest’s hair through a bead and then attached by clamping the bead to the hair. I-Tips can be removed easily and are re-usable, unlike K-Tips, which are permanently bonded to the hair until removed by a professional. Touch-ups are performed every 5 weeks. Hair lasts up to 8 months.

Refined Beauty Hair Extensions Naperville IL

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in extensions are applied using medical-grade adhesive to panel the natural hair between two 2″ wefts of hair extensions. Touch-ups are performed every 6 weeks. The hair is reusable and lays flat on the head. This method is excellent for blending in short hair by adding length and fullness.

Refined Beauty Hair Extensions Naperville IL
Refined Beauty Hair Extensions Naperville IL

Clip-In Extensions

Clip-in extensions are a quick application method that can be applied and removed daily, making them a perfect accessory for special occasions and bridal. This is an excellent option for clients that are not ready to commit to daily hair extensions.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Salon Maintenance?

Visit your extension specialist for push-up or removal and new reinstallation every six weeks. Schedule out your color extension maintenance ahead of time. Of course, if there are any challenges or concerns, please notify your specialist immediately.

What if I want to change my color?

It is recommended not to lighten hair extensions as they can create unwanted tones or damaged hair. Natural hair can have partial highlights, color touch up, and toner. Hair extensions can be toned darker as long as it’s within one shade darker. Please consult with your specialist to create a color game plan that you can commit to for four months. After that, the best practice is to select a color you can commit to while using chosen hair extensions.

Can I go swimming with hair extensions?

Please use a cap or tie hair in a low ponytail if swimming. It’s best to dampen hair and use a leave-in conditioner on ends before swimming. In addition, we recommend shampooing and deep conditioning treatment after activity.

Can I use heat on my hair?

When using heat on hair, stay at least a half-inch away from the bonded area. Use professional recommended thermal protectors. The heating tool should not exceed 400°. On delicate or fragile blonde hair, do not exceed 380°

How often should I wash my hair?

Hair should be shampooed two to three times a week, depending on scalp oil production. We recommend shampooing the scalp twice before conditioning mid-lengths and ends. Rinse hair longer than without extensions to ensure the product has been removed from the hair. Use professional recommended dry shampoo in between shampoo.

How do I brush my hair extensions?

Use recommended wet brush starting from the ends, working your way up to the scalp. Brush gently over the extension attachment to help detangle and prevent matting. Brushing should happen before you shampoo. Never brush the hair when wet. Do not use a comb or a paddle brush as bristles or teeth can get stuck in the extensions and cause damage. To prevent matting, brush your hair twice a day.

What is the proper way to sleep with extensions?

Always brush your hair gently with your wet brush before bedtime and use silk scrunchie to place here and a side braid or low ponytail to prevent matting. Never go to bed with damp hair. Hair must be 100% dry before sleeping.

Will hair extensions damage my hair?

With proper installation and at-home care, natural hair will remain healthy. Extensions must be maintained by our salon professionals, along with gentle hair-brushing twice a day and at-home care with professional products. Wearing extensions longer than the recommended time can cause traction alopecia.

How do I remove extensions?

Weft extensions and I-tips must be removed after 6-8 weeks and can be reused and move up up-to three times before needing new hair. Extensions are only guaranteed and strongly recommended to be removed by a professional. If removed incorrectly, it will cause damage to the natural hair. K-Tips can be worn in the hair for up to four months and should be removed by our professionals. Tape-ins can be worn 6-8 weeks, completely removed, and then reapplied. Hair can last six to eight months and reuse as long as the attachment is healthy. K-tips cannot be reused.

I have an active lifestyle. Will extensions work for me?

Hair extensions have excellent durability and longevity. Excessive oils and sweating can cause slippage. The shampooing frequency can cause more wear and tear to the hair and attachment area. Looser ponytails and looser hats can be worn while doing these activities. Specific methods work better than others for an active lifestyle.

What would cause someone not to be a good candidate for hair extensions?

Hair extensions are an instant way to add dimensional color, length, fullness, or correct a haircut. Fine to extremely thick hair are both candidates. We believe it is about selecting the proper method to create the desired result customized according to the client’s natural density length and color. For example, suppose a client wants to change their hair color frequently, is very rough brushing and styling, or refuses to rely on their extension specialist for maintenance. In that case, they may not be a good candidate for hair extensions. We are fully transparent about maintenance. It is essential that our customers can commit and understand proper care and maintenance. We care about the integrity of the hair is our number one priority.

Which method is best for me?

Our experts are certified in multiple extension methods. Our extension specialist will help you select the method that will be best for the integrity of your hair and your desired result. Your length, hair color, and density are all factors to consider. In addition, these methods can be customized or used individually to transform your hair.

How long does my hair have to be?

If choosing to add all-over length to the hair, natural hair must be 4 1/2 inches long. Additional hair extensions will be needed to create length and density for a realistic result when working with shorter hair to create a new shape and style. Your extensions can be placed in specific areas throughout the haircut to change the outcome. The most common location in short hair is the fringe or the sides to add attachments. Hair should be at least 2 inches long and should not exceed 3 inches past that for the most realistic finish and the safety of the hair strand.

What color should I select for my extensions?

There is a wide range of colors to choose from. However, your extension specialist will choose the colors that give you the most realistic results. Specific extensions can be colored to create depth at the base to help blend with your natural color. This process will be done before the installation and may incur additional costs. Multiple extensions combined will create the most realistic and custom finish.

How much do extensions and maintenance cost?

At Refined Beauty, we charge our customers based on the desired result. The cost of the supplies needed, time, and education that it will take to create your desired results will determine the price. In our in-person consultations, we quote the total investment along with maintenance. Each extension customer is customized, and therefore we do not have standard pricing. The more hair needed will result in more time required and therefore cost more. Less hair and time will lower the final cost, but remember that this typically will not give you the desired results. It’s essential to convey your budget to show you the possible finishes. All extensions require a non-refundable reservation fee and contract signed to schedule an extension appointment.

I have been going to Refined Beauty for many years for hair extensions. Each stylist I’ve seen has provided excellent professional service with beautiful outstanding results! I highly recommend Refined Beauty for hair extensions.

- Stephanie W.

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