Why Should I Get a Spray Tan?

Why Should I Get a Spray Tan?

Let’s be honest, we all love a little glow. The truth is there are a lot of products out there that promise to give you that natural sun-kissed look, but they don’t consistently deliver. However, one trend always holds true to its promise: spray tanning. Avid spray tanners don’t think twice about scheduling their tans, but it takes trust and research to become an avid sprayer. There is often a negative perception about spray tans, like appearing orange, streaky, and unnatural. But, we promise the benefits are worth it.

Protect Your Skin

The number one reason is protection. Skin cancer is highly prevalent, with 1 in 5 Americans developing it by 70. Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies, and it’s not always easy to protect. But spray tanning allows you to achieve that beautiful glow using a natural, organic sunless tanning alternative. Spray tanning is the safest way to obtain that natural glow you’ve been hoping for. And, most importantly, you’re protecting your skin!

Natural Look

Many of us love the concept of being tan but thought that the only way to achieve a natural no-line tan was to hop in a tanning bed. Tanning beds cause so much damage to our skin, and they aren’t worth the risk. Raise your hand if you’ve gone in a tanning bed and come out with a bit of a burn. Spray tans are a much better and safer option to provide a natural look with customizable colors to match your skin!

Boost Your Confidence

There is something about a glow that makes a person look more vibrant, which of course, gives us a boost in confidence. And, there is nothing better than feeling great in your own skin. A spray tan allows you to feel instantly gorgeous.

They’re Quick!

We all want to feel and look our best, especially at events like weddings, family photographs, or a fun night out. Spray tans are quick and easy, they take less than an hour, and all you have to do is book your appointment. You can even schedule a tan on your lunch break just in time for your upcoming event.

You can ditch the tanning beds, the products that simply don’t work, and instead get a spray! Spray tanning allows you to, most importantly, protect your skin while looking and feeling gorgeous all year round.

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