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Why we are loving curling wands and why you should too!

Why we are loving curling wands and why you should too!

Finding time out of the day to take care of yourself is much easier said than done, especially as we say goodbye to summer. However, when you find simple ways to take care of yourself every day, self-care becomes much easier. One simple way to take care of yourself is to take a few moments to style your hair. At Refined Beauty, we fully believe beauty is both internal and external, and with these little tips and tricks, we are here to help you channel your inner salon energy at home!

Invest in a curling wand! They aren’t as intimidating as they may appear to be. For any inexperienced hairstylist, a curling wand may not give you the immediate results you were looking for or may result in a few too many burns. Some of our favorite brands like T3 wand and GHD make amazing curlers. When buying curlers it is important to notice what materials the irons are made out of because some can end up causing permanent damage to your hair. Look for ceramic curlers, 24K gold, or titanium for the best results and protection.

Our next piece of advice for those perfect salon curls is to prep your hair like a pro! One of the biggest secrets to soft and luscious curls is the preparation that happens before the actual curling begins! One of our favorite products to use when prepping the hair is the Davines Melu Hair Shield. Use this while your hair is still wet for the perfect heat protectant. After you are done curling your hair use the Davines “This is a Medium Hairspray” to lock those curls in and keep them looking fresh all day long.

And the final step, of course, curl your hair! With all of the essentials and the perfect curling iron, this step should be the easiest. However, if you struggle with getting that ideal “beach wave” curl, here are a few foolproof steps. Make sure you are curling your hair away from your face. Doing this will give your curls a more natural and voluminous look. Next, make sure you are sectioning your hair off based on how tight you want your curls to appear! If you want a looser curl, use larger sections and if you want tighter curls use more sections. This step will allow you to control the volume of your curls and it will give you more control of the outcome!

Now that you have all of the insider information you are bound for success! But, if you still can’t get that perfect look, book an appointment at Refined Beauty! We offer blow-dry styles and formal styling and are always willing to share even more tips and tricks as we style your hair.

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